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Praise for Imagining a Walkable America 2020

Steve Price's work illustrating the wondrous possibilities of placemaking to dramatically improve communities is amazing.

—Kaid Benfield, senior counsel and urban thought leader at PlaceMakers, cofounder of Smart Growth America, and co-creator of LEED for Neighborhood Development

Your images are the single most effective tool I have ever seen for conveying the principles of new urbanism and form-based codes. Your book is really terrific! I had a little trouble getting used to the format, but when I went to full-screen view I was able to navigate it easily. I love the variety of conditions, situations, environments, building types, and subject matter that the book covers.

—Joel Russell, past director of the Form-Based Codes Institute

I believe that photo-sims are one of our most powerful communication tools. The ability of photo-sims to fit within the parameters of an existing picture lends them a credibility unmatched in our tool box. They render the place-making process more attainable.

—Dan Slone, coauthor with Doris Goldstein of A Legal Guide to Urban and Sustainable Development

[Imagining a Walkable America] should be required viewing by all Americans but most importantly, and I mean this, by every middle and high school kid in America . . . and the incoming Biden Administration. We need decent housing, downtowns, and streets that build community. There are many solutions to our absurd and lethal carbon footprint, epidemic depression, and inactivity, but you have illustrated so many humane and energizing ones.

—Dr. Richard Jackson, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Health Sciences at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, past Director of the CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health

Friends, having been a strong advocate and believer in Steve's talent for 25+ years, you are in for a special treat when you open the pages of this inspirational digital book. Steve puts a vision to what we do, or wish to do. He stretches our imagination. As I present Steve's images to hundreds of audiences every year, people become electrified. Next to walking audits, there is nothing as powerful as Steve in our work. Nothing.

—Dan Burden, Director of Innovation and Inspiration at Blue Zones, recognized by White House as one of top ten Champions of Change in Transportation

[Imagining a Walkable America] is wonderful!  I think it will be a great teaching tool -- not only for students but for the public, and in project settings and neighborhood planning work."

—Michael W. Mehaffey, Ph.D., Executive Director, International Making Cities Livable

Steve, it’s such a treat to see your work collected in such a beautiful book! Your images (and the stories we told in presenting them) have helped get projects built, plans and codes adopted, wasteful bypasses defeated, and sustainable transport policies adopted by FHWA and other agencies. I have used your images in hundreds of workshops to train thousands of staff, activists, developers, and policymakers, and they have been a consistent highlight in every single training. And who knew you could also write! Kudos and thanks for making it available for use.

—Harrison Rue, Community Building and TOD Administrator at City and County of Honolulu


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