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Imagining a
Walkable America

Visualing low-carbon cities, towns, and neighborhoods step by step

In a hoped-for future our collective carbon footprint from climate change will be much lower than it is today. But what will our towns and cities that produce that result look like? I’m pleased to announce the launch of a book that gives us a visual glimpse into that low-carbon future. Imagining a Walkable America is a free online book containing a selection of photo-simulations I’ve created depicting positive change to the built landscape. These are not depictions of grimly utilitarian, space-age modern, or lavish places; rather, these are doable, sensible, desirable visions of a world that could be.

In the post–World War II era, we allowed historic, walkable neighborhoods go to ruin and built new, sprawling places premised on universal car ownership—places where we don’t want our children walking, places that emit too much greenhouse gas. Imagining a Walkable America is a call for community development that takes America in a hopeful new direction. I created the images collaborating with some of the best urban designers and transportation planners in America. I hope you enjoy the book and show Imagining a Walkable America to anyone who needs visual assurance that a low-carbon future can be safe, attractive, and feasible.

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